March 11, 2014

Featured Peach: Donna Means

Welcome to our newest blog series, where every now & again we'll be chatting with a fashionable member of the Athens community. This week we took a few minutes to dish with Donna Means, owner of Salon dm3 right on Baxter. Donna is one of those women that just oozes cool, when you hang with her you just pray some rubs off onto you. Every member of our staff gets their hair done with these incredible artists, no joke. We have a girl crush, so naturally, we had to get the scoop! Enjoy!

CP: Describe your personal style in one sentence.
Donna Means: I like to think my personal style is Palm Beach meets Brooklyn. Audrey meets Bianca. In other words, unpredictable.

CP: If you had to give one piece of hair care advice, what would it be?
DM: KERATIN! In my career there hasn't been anything as revolutionary as Keratin treatments. I say it's Botox for the hair. There is not a girl who wouldn't benefit from a Keratin's restorative benefits.
CP: What is the biggest trend for hair for summer 2014?
DM: Summer 2014 will bring us extreme side parting,hair accessories have made a huge come back, soft wet looks (they really look GREAT) and we will still see a lot of sombré (the softer side of ombré).

CP: If we walked into your closet what would we see?
DM: COLOR and patterns both freakishly organized. 

CP: What’s one item you currently can’t live without for your wardrobe?
DM: I would DIE without my booties and bracelets. I have a major obsession with these two items. 3 years ago I purchased my first "stack" at Cheeky Peach. A leather wrap and 3 killer bangles. Life changing. True story. I would seriously forgo mascara before bracelets.

CP: What’s the biggest perk of owning your own salon?
DM: There are SO many perks to owning a salon. The biggest "perk" for me has been creating MY team. I have a very specific experience I want each guest to have and it requires contributions from the entire staff. Every single team member at dm3 was carefully chosen. Each member brings a skill set that inspires and challenges the other. The endless brow waxes and blowouts aren't too shabby either. 

CP: What’s your favorite thing to do on a Saturday night in Athens?
DM: A perfect Saturday night in Athens looks like this: Cocktails at The Branded Butcher, a show at The Georgia Theatre ( Preferably Yacht Rock), and late night Waffle House. #nevergrowingup

CP: Who do you draw from for your creative inspiration?
DM: Nicole Richie is my girl! I love that she will wear cut off denim shorts, tee shirt, and YSL heels to a cocktail party. She is fearless. I have even copied her coffee table decor. Yes, I'm that girl.

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