July 11, 2014

Ireland: Home of Good “Craic”

*Craic: (pronounced crack) good times/fun/entertainment i.e. “That pub is great craic” not to be confused with the illegal drug, although it is sometimes inevitable*

First and foremost: WOW.  For living in a country infamous for it’s endless rain, we sure have been lucky with some gorgeous sunny days.  This makes sightseeing and traveling a whole lot easier (also, life in general).  Locals joke that we “brought the sunshine with us”.  We've even gotten to the point where we leave our rain jackets at home when we go out…risky, I know.

Teatime is…well…all the time, but I’m definitely not complaining. Yes, the Irish take this very seriously (often times they make sure to accompany this break with homemade fruit scones, local made butter, and fresh jam). Can we adopt this trend in America, please? 

Our weekend trip to Dingle, Ireland was absolutely unreal. Kayaking through the caves of the bay, meeting a dolphin in the process, and having Peter the Polish tour guide was the perfect combo. We also attempted to “leisurely bike around town”. This was absolutely breathtaking.  No really… (I’m not just referring to the views) we ended up getting lost and biking 40 miles, uphill, to the middle of nowhere. Thankfully, we made it back to the City Centre by dark. On the same note, it doesn't get dark here until 10 pm. Yes, 10 pm!  My eyes are forever grateful for pictures that came from this adventure. My quads, however, not so much…

Cobh, Ireland, a quaint seaside town resting on the coast of the Emerald Isle, was definitely a pleasurable day trip. This little harbor town was the last stop the Titanic had before sailing to New York (think of Leonardo’s face *swoon*). Y’all: I have officially been introduced to Ninety Nines. Ireland’s favorite treat. Rich, whipped vanilla ice cream complete with cocoa accent and crispy cone (please refrain from drooling). My Cheeky Peach speckled crop top was definitely the right move for this day (one of my fav CP pieces, goes with everything).

The Jameson Whisky tour. It’s truly intriguing to witness what goes on behind the scenes at the distillery.  Hundreds of years in the making and responsible for initiating “those nights” worldwide. Results: I am now a certified Jameson whisky taster. (Resume material? Probably not) My Cheeky Peach tie-dye scarf also came along for the tour, of course.

Confession: I’m in love with this place, it’s people, and the potatoes.