September 03, 2014

have fun, ok?

I'm a spaz. I have ADD somethin' fierce. When I was buying in Vegas I was doing my usual "shiny object routine" running around writing each and every piece that spoke to me via you (in case you wondered when I buy I literally have customers in mind as I pick up pieces,) when over lunch and a cold one (thank God) my husband looked at me and said "why don't you hit all of your favorite vendors and then on the last afternoon just shop for you? Only buy things that YOU love. How long has it been since you've done that?" Now, my husband has never been on a buying trip, I think maybe my casual-insanity-buying-method overwhelmed his right brain personality. I liked the idea, and decided that would have to happen.

So on our final day, after I had bought enough for each of my fabulous Peaches to have a full fall/winter wardrobe that would be the envy of all their friends, I did something I haven't done in a long time at a show. With no place to go, and only the aisles to guide me, I bought for me. And, y'all, I. Had. A. Blast. Did I have to reel it in a couple times? Yes. Did a kitty handbag almost make the cut? Yes. But in the end I found some fantastic new lines that I probably wouldn't have seen otherwise. Which leads me to

If y'all haven't heard of or seen, you're missing out in a major way. Their marketing is drool-worthy, their mission pure: have fun, ok? 

What's not to love?! The moment I became an Instagram follower months back I knew this line would adorn the new & improved Clayton Peach. The gift is so unique, so feel good, it just spoke to me. So you can imagine the thrill I felt when I was in a shoe showroom picking up yet another fantastic line called Seychelles (again a booth I never would have found had I not take hubs up on his idea,) when I saw a few little goodies. "Oh cool, you guys rep too! I just submitted my first order a month ago!" said I. Jason, my badass rep says, "Oh, Jen, the owner is over there!"

Now, I must preface with a fun fact: I get supremely weird when I'm starstuck by people in business that I have mad respect for. I've met celebrities and never been fazed. Ludacris? No biggie. Amy Adams? Okay I totally lost my shit when Amy adams shopped at Cheeky Peach while filming in Athens, but who wouldn't?! Jen Gotch of! Holy moly, I had to work seriously hard to keep my act together. Anyone can rap, but Jen creates incredible items with a fun feeling that make people just feel so damn good. 

From her pink tinted hair to her floral print dress Jen was sheer cool. Once we started talking about her line, my store, the feeling we get when we can really connect with our customer and they just "get it" - I mean can you say girl crush? In the end I grabbed a picture with her and we "hugged it out" (her suggestion) before I got on my way. I left that final showroom feeling invigorated, revived, and with a mission to continue to get back to my roots, because you never know who you'll find when you do. 

We are so excited to announce the long-awaited arrival of, I hope you enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed developing my own relationship with the line.

xx, Katie