October 25, 2014

Perfectly Repurposed

I've got to tell you, I'm nuts over succulents. Admittedly, I've never been a big plant fan, my thumb has been perpetually brown. Until I found these great little resilient plants that can withstand my fast lifestyle and require little attention, yet always deliver a big visual punch. What's not to love? I'm also a huge fan of Capri Blue candles. Blue Jean is my go-to scent (I'm simply gaga over the holiday fragrances), and when I quickly realized that these gorgeous glass candle jars could be used as planters? Well, let's just say I did a little happy dance & quickly got to work...

One thing I love about Capri Blue is that after your candle is done burning, you're not left with a carcass, but instead, beautiful potential. We're using a muse style faceted jar candle and my FAVORITE succulent: echeveria.  But definitely mix and match any style candle & succulent to suit your fanciful design needs! I promise this isn't a DIY that'll take but 5 minutes or less once you do it a time or two. It only takes a few simple ingredients (all of which were purchased from Home Depot for around $10 including the plant) and you'll have endless ways to perfectly repurpose your favorite candles!

Want to see all of you options? Shop our collection of signature, muse & holiday Capri Blue candles in-store! And while you're at it peek at our gorgeous DIY succulents for inspiration.

xx, Katie

Start with an empty candle, doesn't have to be perfectly scrubbed. You can get excess wax out of the jar really easily by freezing the candle overnight & popping the wax out the next morning with a spoon.

Ingredients: cactus, palm and citrus potting soil, pea pebbles, succulent, capri blue jar, water

1. lay a small layer of pea pebbles in the bottom of the candle. succulents don't need a lot of water, and since they're going into a closed container, the pebbles will soak up excess water. side note: you can get broken bags of these for 50% off at Home Depot if you ask employees where to find them!

2. add a small layer of potting soil. use the kind specifically for cactus, palm and citrus (it drains faster.) I like miracle grow, mostly because it was on super sale. 

3. remove the succulent from the container, lightly break up the roots with your fingers, then place it in the middle of the candle candle jar.

4. add in potting soil around the succulent & pat it down.

5. water thoroughly.

6. add a layer of pea pebbles to make the succulent aesthetically pleasing

7. enjoy!


Want more info on succulents? Click here for a link to basic care. Click here if you've had trouble with succulents and want to trouble shoot!