August 17, 2011

Trend Note

I want to talk for a moment about the newest hot accessory...NAIIIIIIIL POLIIIIIIISH!!!! (insert Oprah yell here)

Over the last year or so, nail polish has seemingly boomed as a way to add pop to the perfect outfit. Think about it: when you have a special occasion, don't you make sure your nails are nicely painted at the very least? So why not make every day feel special with a great looking mani? Ya, I don't know why not either!

I have to be honest, one of my favorite places to go for inspiration is where all things cool and nail are put together like the perfect take-out box and delivered. It seems that the mermaid nail is really super duper hot right now:


I'm loving this idea for game day:


And one of the Peach girls favorites, the new Sally Hansen stick-on polish strips. I have to issue a warning here - it took me one 8 hour drive to Florida to slowly chip this polish off my nails. Nothing, not remover, not soaking, not bleach, NOTHING got this mess off my nails...upside? My nails grew for a week straight, which is borderline miracle worker stuff. I'd get a partner to help you the first time you attempt as well:

Now, I'm the absolute WORST about taking time to do something in the pamper department for myself. And generally by the time I have a minute to head to the nail salon it's already closed. And to be honest? Sometimes I don't want to throw $20 down on a half-assed mani. So I treat myself to...myself. Say what!?! Yeah, you heard right. I give myself a mani or pedi. I keep a nice salt scrub on hand for exfoliation. I simply soak, work my cuticles down, file for shape, re-soak, exfoliate, moisturize, and then polish away. And although it's not an upscale spa experience, it's still a nice little "me moment" treat.

Happy painting!