September 21, 2011

Transition Time

I drove down East Campus Road this morning on my usual route to get to the Peach, and as I looked around I was laughing out loud. Not in a mean-spirited way, but out of utter compassion. I saw winter wear, I saw summer. I saw women in literal bundles of clothing and scarf. And then I saw coeds in cutoffs and tees. Two things dawned on me:

a. we are all REALLY over summer weather and maybe if we dress for winter it'll come sooner?

b. we all need a little help with our transition. myself included.

Standing in front of my closet this morning, I tried to plan out the perfect outfit. Yesterday I was freezing when I woke up, but the sweater poncho was a major mishap when we were slammed in the shop and I was feeling faint from heat exhaustion. So I plucked a light-weight plaid top, skinny jeans, and threw on some comfy over-the-knee flat boots for today. As I look outside the sun is popping out now and I know if I walked around I'd look like a veritable freak show with the boots in 80 degree muggy heat. But at least I'm not alone!

Here's a pic of me today in said outfit, which isn't too shabby, but could definitely be improved with a lightweight vest and/or scarf that could take me from chilly morning, then be shed for afternoon heat (side braid = perfect for nasty weather BTW.)

*side note: I cannot imagine the flack I will take for shooting an image of myself in the mirror


As far as transitioning goes, it's all about layering. Yet there I stand, unlayered. For myself and for my Peaches, here are a few ideas for pieces that will stretch your budget by being great for multiple seasons, while at the same time will keep your body at the perfect temp...

1. The maxi dress with light cardigan, denim jacket, and light scarf.

- great because you can shed the jacket and keep the scarf to maintain a fashionable facade. pair with a great contrasting colored bib necklace, throw on a cross body bag. loving this dress for this look:

2. A fire blazing summery print and/or white dress is FABULOUS for layering belted beneath a blazer, or beneath a sweater belted at the waist, especially when paired with an ankle or cowboy boot.

- again, you can shed the jacket and look chic in your boot and dress ensemble. this is the perfect dress beneath a black blazer, so many options for belting and accessorizing. I'd probably throw on a thin glitter bow belt, blazer, slouch ankle boots, and dainty accessories:

3. Try tucking a light-weight/summer-weight top into some trousers or some 70's high-rise denim, then throwing a heavy infinity scarf on with an arm full of bracelets.

- love this top - it's a great charcoal eggplant color, which is perfect for transition, would love a bright pop of color like chartreuse in a scarf with this, then maybe a men's watch and great chandelier earring:

The goal is to pull off something like this, that looks carelessly chic and pulled together. I don't know about you? But I'm kind of excited to peek in my closet and see what great combination I can work up for tomorrow: