October 07, 2011

Halloween at the Peach

Dressed as Rachel Zoe last Halloween - my husband (bless his heart) played along as my babe, "Rodg." I won't post his picture because he'll kill me.

Ever since I was a small girl, I have love, loved Halloween. We never went to a shop to buy a costume. No, no. My Mom created masterpieces out of items around the house. My brother was an adorable hobo one year, patches on overalls, bag on stick, and all. I was, well, one year I wore my skeleton pajamas and my Mom painted my face. See? I've always had a thing for comfort. But I remember loving the cool feel of the evenings, the changing colors, the holidays just around the corner. It was more than costumes, it was that delicious reprieve from the summer heat. It was putting up tacky decorations for the first time in months. It was hot cider and cuddling.

My Halloween obsession has only grown. I live and die for costumes, ghouls, scary shows on TV, and candy this time of year. So when Miranda (who shares this obsession) and I were playing with all of the gorgeous Mamie Ruth goodies after we closed deciding on our personal purchases, I found inspiration for a costume. I decided then and there we HAD to do something in the Peach. Sooooo, Thursday, October 20th, we're having a little costume party! We'll be dressed up just for the occasion, and anyone who comes to shop in costume will receive 15% off their purchase of regularly priced goodies!!! AND everyone will receive a trick-or-treat bag at check-out. Fun, right? We thought so!

Mark your calendars, dust off your wigs, and get yourself up here on the 20th for the Halloween fun!!!

My pup Boomer. Not so happy to be Boomer the Bee for Halloween.