Give the Gift of Styling Sessions at Cheeky Peach

Give the Gift of Styling Sessions at Cheeky Peach

Have you been scouring the internet for hours trying to find the perfect gift for that very special person in your life who deserves the world? Us too. If you’re stumped about what to gift someone this holiday season, Cheeky’s here to make your life a little easier! Our personal Styling Sessions are the best gift you could give. We all know 2020 has been especially rough, and it’s been really easy to stay in our sweatpants. Sometimes life gets so crazy that we forget what our own styles are anymore. That’s where Cheeky steps in!

Our virtual or in-person styling sessions can happen either in our store or online, so that anyone can utilize this service. Here’s how it works: on our website, you can purchase a styling session gift card ranging from $250 to $750, if you want any other value we are happy to customize it for you! You can also DM us on Instagram, email us or come by the store to snag your styling session gift card. This gift card will be sent to your loved one/bestie/mom/work wife, and then we’ll schedule a time that works best for them. The styling session lasts about one hour, and you’ll get our stylists’ undivided attention. The amount from the gift card goes entirely towards the items your loved one wants to take home. That’s right: the styling session itself is a completely free service. We want you to walk out of Cheeky Peach feeling like the very best version of yourself, and we’re here to help you do just that.

It can be such a hit-or-miss when it comes to shopping for clothes and accessories for other people. Sometimes it can even be hard to find the right items for yourself if you’re still trying to find your style preferences. But don’t worry! This is not only our job, but our specialty and passion. We want you to fall in love with the looks you find at Cheeky Peach, our goal is to give you a cohesive collection, and watch you transform just by updating your wardrobe. We could all use a little help finding those pieces that take our breath away and last for years to come.

We know this all might seem unusual to some, but we promise it has a meaningful purpose. We want to interact with you and learn about your life and needs to find the perfect pieces to suit your lifestyle. We want you to enjoy your shopping experience and leave our styling sessions smiling. It’s important to us that your style is personal to you and that you feel like you can conquer the world, and look great while doing it! Anyone can drop items in the cart, but we want you to have a personal stylist in your pocket: us!

If you’re interested in learning more about our styling sessions or just want to get to know us, shoot us a DM on Instagram or email to connect with us! You can find our styling session gift cards on our website, and you can always purchase pieces you find on our social media by sending us a message, watching our Instagram stories, shopping our Facebook lives and emailing - heck, give us a call! Happy holidays, peaches! Sending all of our love this season.

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