Hey, It's Katie.

Hey, It's Katie.
 A couple weeks ago we were joking (aka me taking some licks) about how much I enjoy Facebook Live and how fun it is to get connected with a wider customer than those of us here in Athens. We thought it could be cool to drum up a little newsletter! Every now and then we’ll drop some info about me, the store, what Team Cheeky has going on right into your inbox. I hope you enjoy reading my musings!
  I have to be honest...I had a tough week. It's not easy balancing "all the things”. I'm certainly not complaining -- we all have our shit. Sometimes we get to feeling a little weary from the weight of the week. Then I worked on Friday and Saturday in the store... I have to say, I got some of the loveliest compliments from customers. Particularly a mother/daughter who have shopped with me for years and wanted me to know how much they love Cheeky and how much attention we put into customer experience.

  I met folks I only know via the Facebook Live videos I do weekly, they were full of love. And it was just...redeeming. Y'all lifted me up. You lift our team up. I can't thank you enough for the vibes you bring in, they make our sometimes 10-hour-on-our-feet-without-lunch days just totally worth it. You're the double shot in our latte and we thank you for that.
  My favorite part of being a small business owner is the opportunity to connect on a personal level with all of you. I’ve styled customers for a first date, to the engagement dinner to the anniversary getaway. To kids! You’ve shared your big and small moments with Cheeky Peach, and I want to share ours with you.
  Thanks for letting me be a part of your day!