I Got It From My Mama

I Got It From My Mama

When I speak to groups or participate in panels I inevitably get the question: how do you balance it all? I think people are genuinely intrigued, I guess the reason doesn't matter, at how I juggle being a mom and a business owner. Hell, I'm obsessed with the concept of it myself. If I ever figure it out completely I'll write a book. Because guys -- being a mom is so effing hard. It's the hardest; the love, the guilt, the pressure to not screw them up and for Christ sake get them to eat vegetables! Whether you stay at home or have a job, you are probably looking for this concept of harmony in your life. So how do we do it all, especially in this fast-paced, 24-hour-connected, kind of society? 

I am by no means doing this efficiently, I get my fair share of glares from my husband for being on my phone working when I need to be present. BUT I do have some hacks. The first is to foster the relationship with my partner. Because when we aren't hitting on all cylinders everyone feels it, whether I like to admit that or not. We make a big effort to go on dates. Can be a fast lunch date mid-week. Can be a dinner date, whatever. But taking that time to put everything aside and talk and be romantic (hah!) is vital. We inevitably walk away more connected and better for it. The second is time for myself. A mid-day pedicure does wonders when I'm having a tough one. Taking some time for yoga (even on my lunch break) is wildly important - and if you're a Type A high strung gal like me, I highly recommend. Yoga has changed my life.

My last tip is the simplest but hardest: slow down and take a huge breath (literally breathe in really deeply and slowly) - I do this when I get anxious. Because the biggest tragedy of my life would be to look back at the moments and wish I enjoyed them more. To breathe the fresh air, watch my boys play, take in the smells, the feels, the sensations of the present moment. A little perspective goes a long way in life. This one is really hard for me, but I practice it every day. 

So how do we do it all? We don't - we don't do it all. In fact sometimes the answer is to do less. To step away - I saw an Instagram story of Sara Blakely (of Spanx fame) in a movie mid-day by herself saying just this. Step away, take a moment, enjoy the ride. If you're a mama, I salute you this week. This ain't easy. You're not alone, you're loved. And regardless of who you are, I hope you're taking a moment for yourself.

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